Composite Filler

Composite Filler

What is bonding?

Additions to the tooth to change the color or shape of the tooth, enlarge it or treat a defect. The materials used for this purpose (microfil agents) are attached to the outer surface of the natural tooth and shape and color defects can be easily removed. Bonding is one of the latest and most recently applied preventive dentistry procedures.

In most cases, this process is performed with the least amount of tooth loss.


Is pain felt during the application of this system?

No! In many cases, this procedure can be applied without even numbing the teeth.


Does it look natural?

Yes! It appears natural when performed by a dentist qualified in cosmetic dentistry.


Does the adhesive system applied to the teeth change color over time?

Microfil agents are obtained by the most advanced techniques and have almost the same characteristics as the tooth structure and only change color as normal teeth do.

When the surface roughness is minimized by polishing, its resistance to staining increases.

Possible staining caused by external factors (cigarettes, tea, cola, coffee etc.) can be removed in routine dental examinations.


Does this system require special   care?

There are some restrictions: you should avoid biting very hard substances (such as ice, sugar cubes). You should also refrain from bad habits like nail biting!


How  long does a bonding system last?

The length of time depends on the quality of the material used and the skills of the dentist. The life of the materials produced with the latest technology is 5 to 10 years. Bonding (adhesive system) is applied to a tooth, after which the bonding process itself can be carried out.


Is this expensive?

It is generally less costly than other aesthetic procedures. The factor that determines the cost is the material used and the type of treatment to be selected.


How long is the course of treatment?

You will need only one session (15 min - 1 hour) for this procedure, which will leave you with you a beautiful and confident smile. The number of sessions required depends on the procedure to be performed.


Is it appropriate for everyone?

Yes! This treatment method is appropriate for almost all age groups. Children, teenagers, adults and older patients can make their appearance and smiles even more attractive by this method.

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