Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Are Dental Caries Prevention Methods?

Unfortunately, caries vaccines are difficult to achieve since tooth decay is caused by a variety of factors, such as the structure of the tooth, the type of microbes in the mouth, the diet or the structure of the saliva. However, the structure of the tooth can be strengthened by various methods.

Which is the most effective substance used to strengthen the structure of the tooth?

Today, the most well-known agent for strengthening tooth structure is "fluorine" compounds. Fluorine compounds provide a structure that is more resistant to decay by entering the structure of the teeth when the teeth are developing or after the teeth are seen in the mouth.

How can fluorine compounds be used?

The anti-caries effect of fluorine compounds takes place in four major ways:

·      By adding fluorine compounds to a certain extent in drinking water (it is a method that must be done by special methods and trained personnel!)

·      Giving ready-made fluorine tablets to the child (Excessive doses should be given under the supervision of a physician because it will be harmful!)

·      Taking advantage of the effect of fluorine compounds added into toothpaste or mouthwashes

·       In the dental practice, the dentist uses special fluorine compounds in the form of gel.

The most easily applicable method is the use of a fluoride toothpaste from the age of 3 to brushing teeth in the morning and using fluoride gargle after age 6. Other applications are not yet widely used in our country.

Are fluorine compounds harmful to the body?

Fluorine is an essential element for the body. However, when taken excessively, it may change the color of the teeth or cause deformations in the bones. Therefore, applications other than toothpaste and mouthwash should be performed under the supervision of a physician.

Is it possible to prevent tooth decay by other means?

Another method used to prevent tooth decay is to cover the recesses on the chewing surfaces of the teeth (these recesses are called fissures) by the dentist. Since the microbes or food residues in the mouth are most often located in these recessed areas, the retention of microbes and food is prevented by coating the fissures and the formation of caries is prevented. Fissure sealants are very successful applications to prevent tooth decay!

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