Zirconium is a white colored element, especially used in dentistry. Today, the aesthetic dentistry is made of zirconium, which does not support metal.

Zirconium-based coatings have better permeability to sunlight and better reflectivity, for this reason, it does not cause a matte appearance like in metal-supported substructure coatings. Metallic banding on the gingival part seen in metal-backed coatings in the following years does not occur in zirconium coatings,  therefore, as long as the patient's oral care is good, there is little risk of an aesthetic problem. It is better to match the gums and does not cause bad breath. It can also be used safely in patients with metal allergy.

Due to its superior physical and aesthetic properties, it is recommended to make zirconium coatings especially for coatings on the front teeth.


Zirconuim based crowns  


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