Abscess and Cyst Operations

Abscess and Cyst Operations

Abscess or cystic lesions occurring at the root of the tooth due to various reasons are treated directly by opening the infected root area in cases where the canal treatment is inadequate. This is called apical resection. Apical resection is a treatment option that should be evaluated before tooth extraction. Relapse may occur depending on the size of the infection or cyst. In order to compensate for bone loss during the operation, bone grafting can be performed (addition of artificial or natural bone tissue).

What is Apical Resection Surgery?

• Excessive curvature of the tooth root, perforation or calcification within the root canal can not be done completely

•The root end is not completely closed so that the teeth can not complete the development of root canal cleaning and filling materials can not be applied successfully to the teeth

• When the root canal cannot be reached over the tooth (crown or bridge prostheses, ie in the presence of coatings), no canal treatment can be performed.

• If the instrument is broken during root canal treatment, the broken tool must be removed,

• When cystic formations occur at the root end of the tooth

• In instances of fracture of 1/3 of the tooth root in the bone

• The most feasible measures for the evaluation of post-apical resection are periapical radiography and clinical symptoms. Therefore, follow-up of patients is required.

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