Air Flow

Air Flow


Painless cleaning of teeth with the ‘’Airflow ”application

”Colors are removed and teeth are polished“

In cases where food residues cannot be cleaned very well due to the effects of calcium in the saliva or poor tooth brushing, tartar deposits can occur. Some people may produce tartar every 6 months, while for others it can appear every 2 years.  It is appropriate for the dentist to make regular checks on how often tartar build up should be removed. During this process, the tartar is first broken down by ultrasonic or hand tools, and then with the help of a special brush, or with the Air Flow method used now, discolouring is removed and the teeth are polished.  The Air Flow method is used to eliminate discolorationthat may arise from the consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes.

Suitable for all ages

Usually, such a method is not needed in children under the age of 17-18. Thanks to the washing effect of saliva, tartar formation is not seen at this age. Even though tartar removal is not required, polishing with the Air Flow method is suitable for all ages.  Especially during childhood small black spots caused by bacteria inside the mouth may occur on the teeth and will not be cleaned by brushing. In this case, the necessary cleaning and polishing can be performed by using an Air Flow device.

It doesn't hurt the teeth

Ultrasonic methods or hand tools used to break down the tartar do not cause any damage during the cleaning process. However, during the subsequent polishing process, brushes and some cleaning materials previously used caused damage whenever a glass of acidic beverage was consumed. The Air Flow method no longertouches the tooth.  Held at some distance from the teeth, discolorations are treated using air and a special compound, especially in the uneven tooth structures brushing can not reach, water can enter and any point can be cleaned.  With better and painless cleaning, patients leave the clinic happier.


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