Cerec 3D

Cerec 3D

What is Cerec Digital System?

Thanks to the Cerec digital system, thenumber of days required for prosthesis treatment is reduced. With the advances in developing technology and digital transformation in the field of dentistry, the introduction of 3d teeth provides added convenience for both physicians and patients.
The Cerec digital system employing state-of-the-art units of the special AFS Dent Oral and Dental Health clinic serves both domestic and overseas patients.

What is Cerec?

3D printers have revolutionized the health sector. With the Cerec digital system, which is a computer-aided imaging and design system, it is now possible to take dental measurements of the patient within a short period of 40 minutes and make dental designs. Processes such as taking dental measurements and waiting for new dental molds for days are now a thing of the past for clinics that are adapting to the new technology. This system, called Cerec Cad-Cam technology, means computer-aided design and production. Processes that can be performed using the Cerec system include the design of teeth that have undergone extensive material loss, such as porcelain coatings, inlays, and onlays, as well as bridges and laminates. Cerec coating is one of themost widely preferred dental coating methods.

What are the advantages of Cerec Filler?
The biggest advantage of taking cerec filling is to save time. Patients can reduce the number of sessions to a single visit, which shortens the amount of time for dental treatment and offers a better quality of treatment. In this process, without the need for temporary dentures previously required, treatment is often possible in one session. Dental restorations can be made in the form of metal-free and full porcelain. The cost is by far the greatest advantage.

How is Cerec dental structure made?
Cerec Cad-Cam teeth are made up in stages. The first is the measurement phase. At this stage, the patient's mouth is coated with a special powder. A digital camera is used when taking measurements. In the second step, the tooth according to this size is designed in a digital environment and placed digitally in the patient's mouth. When placing the teeth, the patient's anatomical structure and expectations are observed. The dentist may make some cosmetic changes when deemed necessary. Then the production phase is started. At this stage, the patient's tooth color is determined and sent for production with the same tone block. It takes about 10 minutes for the single tooth to come out of production. This tooth, produced with micron precision, is finally inserted into the patient's mouth. Temporary tooth and mold application is not required. The patient can have new teeth in a single session and return to daily life. The most important difference between  cerec teeth and other prostheses is the production process, the time saving and comfortable treatment process. In addition, patients who have difficulty with some dental treatments due to vomiting reflexes can have a new tooth more easily with this system and they can be treated quickly. As technology progresses and becomes more and more extensive in the healthcare sector, much better quality and result-oriented treatment has become possible. The Cerec digital system is one of the most revolutionary applications in this field and is widely used all over the world.

What is the work of Sirona Cerec Turkey?
Sirona is a worldwide innovation leader in dental technology. For this reason, many clinicians around the world who work with state-of-the-art devices and units cooperate with the Sirona company. Sirona manufactures, develops and sells many dental units, tools and systems such as Cerec digital system, Cad / Glass restoration systems, panoramic and 3D imaging systems. The products of the Sirona brand are available in 135 countries.


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